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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Included in Property Management Service?

What's NOT included? We handle leasing, security deposits, maintenance and repairs, inspections, and compliance with City, County, State, and Federal regulations regarding rental housing. We also provide our Eviction Protection Program.**

Q: How Much Do We Charge for Brokerage Services?

Our commission rate varies depending on the scale and the complexity of your residential real estate transaction. Rates to list your property are between 3 - 6% of sales price. Rates to purchase are between 1.5 - 3%, typically paid for by the seller.

Q: What is Our Management Service Rate or Fee?

For residential single family and multifamily management, our fee is 6% or $125 per month, whichever is greater. Standard fees apply for leasing, preventative maintenance and repairs, late fees, legal, inspections, and asset management.

Q: Can Hardin Realty Help Me Purchase a Home?

YES. For most of us, purchasing a home is the biggest financial transaction we ever make. At Hardin Realty, we believe in educating our clients so they always make informed decisions, while we streamline the process and focus on closing escrow on time.

Q: Can Hardin Realty Help Me Execute a 1031 Exchange?

YES. "1031 Exchange" means exchanging "like kind" investment properties. We can list your property for sale, secure a buyer, and assist you in identifying a replacement property, working with your Qualified Intermediary to ensure compliance with IRS section 1031.

Q: I'm a New Real Estate Investor. Where Do I Begin?

Call us! We have worked with property owners new and seasoned to rapidly grow their portfolios while maintaining control over their asset management. At Hardin Realty & Property Management, we know the sky's the limit when it comes to your investments.

Q: What Kinds of Properties Do We Manage?

We primarily manage small and midsize multifamily real estate assets in the greater Sacramento area. We have capacity to manage single family homes, 2-4 units, 5-15 midsize, and 16+ commercial multifamily.

Q: How Much Can My Property Earn as a Rental?

We are always happy to provide a free consultation and competitive market analysis for new investors. We aim to deliver conservative and data-driven opinions, in order to give out clients reasonable metrics for success. Learn more about how we advertise your property...

Q: Why Did We Name Our Brokerage "Hardin" Realty?

Hardin Realty & Property Management is named after the first mayor of Sacramento, Hardin Bigelow. With our brand and crest, we remember to think outside the box and utilize our land to its fullest potential and its highest and best use, earning massive investor dividends.

Q: How Many Properties Do We Manage?

We manage over 130 properties and counting - FAST! Noah and Shawn started from humble beginnings, with two condos in Sacramento, before expanding to larger multifamily projects as well as vacation rentals and STR. Check out our sister company!

Q: Who Handles Maintenance and Repairs?

We do! When you sign with Hardin Realty & Property Management, you are entitled to VIP concierge service. Allow us to take the wheel, handling all maintenance and repairs, leasing and turnover, and so much more! We can even work with your preferred maintenance vendors.

Q: Will I Receive Financial Statements Each Month?

YES! You can also track progress by unit in your owners' portal, with full visibility into preventative maintenance, repairs, and document management. As a real estate brokerage, we take our obligations as a fiduciary very seriously, always keeping your money safe in trust.

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Sacramento, California, 95819

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