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Q: Who Handles Maintenance and Repairs?

We do! When you sign with Hardin Realty & Property Management, you are entitled to VIP concierge service. Allow us to take the wheel, handling all maintenance and repairs, leasing and turnover, and so much more! We can even work with your preferred maintenance vendors.

Maintenance is a constant concern when managing rental properties. Our tenants expect all utilities, appliances, and amenities to work properly at all times. At Hardin Realty & Property Management, we believe in preventative maintenance to stop breakage incidents before they occur.


• Air Filters Changed

• Test HVAC

• Test Smoke/CO2 detectors

• Curb Appeal: Trash and Landscape Inspection

• Kitchen and Bath Appliance Inspection

Our preventative maintenance program is designed to protect your expensive HVAC hardware, avoid safety violations, and keep your property looking its best at all times. Expect a $100 charge for each service. Owners can opt-out at any time.

See our fee schedule for more information about maintenance fees.

Q: Who Handles Maintenance & Repairs?

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