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How Much is My Home Worth?

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You'll receive a personalized property analysis report analyzing your home along with a proposed rent range and market data soon after providing your information.

Expert Valuation

The location, features, and condition of the property will all affect how much your home will really rent for. Please contact us for a comprehensive market analysis to receive the a current valuation.

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Let Hardin Realty handle everything from purchase to sale.


  • In-Person Showings

  • Negotiate Offers

  • Inspections & Docs


  • Prepare Home for Sale

  • List on MLS & Advertise

  • Secure Buyer and Close


  • Multifamily Specialists

  • Creative Rental Models

  • Asset Management

Thinking of Purchasing a New Home?

For most of us, purchasing a home is the single largest financial transaction we ever make. At Hardin Realty & Property Management, we believe in educating our clients so they always make informed decisions, while we streamline the process and focus on closing escrow on time. Don't worry, we love paperwork. 

At Hardin Realty & Property Management, we implement strategies which challenge industry status quo in order to clear even the most complicated residential transactions past the finish line. Whether buying a first home or a multifamily portfolio, we have the expertise to finish the job. 

Best part of all? We offer discounted commission rates for investors who utilize our property management services. Learn more about our fee structure!

List Your Property With Us

Our commission rate is negotiatble and varies depending on the scale and the complexity of your residential real estate transaction. However, we typically list Single-Family Homes and 1-4 Units for 6%.

We offer discounted commissions to repeat investor purchasers, and property management clientele. Learn more about our residential property management services here.

1031 Exchange

When navigating the intricate waters of a 1031 exchange, you need a partner who doesn't just understand real estate transactions, but comprehends the bigger picture of asset management and maximized returns. At Hardin Realty & Property Management, we pride ourselves on being more than just a realty firm; we are a comprehensive solution for property investors.


Our experience goes beyond the mere facilitation of buying and selling. We have an ingrained knowledge of California real estate markets, as well as strategic partnerships across the country’s leading cashflow investment markets, making us uniquely positioned to help investors select the perfect "upleg" property.


Noah made this home purchase a breeze! Always available for any questions, beyond helpful and very professional. I will recommend him to all my friends and family who are considering purchasing or selling their home.

- Annie H.

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