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Q: What is Included in Property Management Service?

What's NOT included? We handle leasing, security deposits, maintenance and repairs, inspections, and compliance with City, County, State, and Federal regulations regarding rental housing. We also provide our Eviction Protection Program.**


  • Multiple Channel Advertising

  • Virtual or In-Person Showings

  • Thorough Tenant Screening

Rent Collection:

  • Simplified Online Tenant Payments

  • Late Payments Strongly Discouraged

  • Eviction Protection Program**


  • Notices to Cure or Quit

  • Coordinating with Attorneys

  • Court Appearances and Meeting Sheriffs

Maintenance and Repairs:

  • Preventative Maintenance Program

  • After Hours Emergency Answering Service

  • Move In + Move Out + RHIP Inspections

  • Overseeing Repairs and Refurbishing During Vacancies

Simplified Bookkeeping

  • Monthly Owner Reports

  • Mortgage Payments

  • Utility Billing

  • Gardening, Pool Service, Etc.

  • Homeowner Association Dues

  • Tenant’s Security Deposit Disposition

**Eviction Protection Program: In the event any Tenant procured and placed by Broker under any Rental Agreement or Month-to-Month Agreement shall default in the payment of rent, or default on any other material provision of such lease, or shall hold over in possession for longer than the lease term stated in any such lease, Broker shall have the right and sole discretion to institute legal proceedings for eviction, unlawful detainer or other civil action against such Renter, and all other persons occupying the property, in Owner’s name, place and stead.  Included in this agreement is Hardin Realty & Property Management’s Eviction Protection Program: Up to $895.00 in the aggregate for all Notice and Appearance Fees, attorney fees, court costs, and legal costs; except that Hardin Realty & Property Management shall not be responsible for any such costs or fees in the event either (a) that such Renter shall demand jury trial, (b) that such Renter has committed an unlawful act at the property or (c) that such Renter shall make a counterclaim against Owner. 

Q: What is Included in Property Management Service?

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