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Q: Why Did We Name Our Brokerage "Hardin" Realty?

Hardin Realty & Property Management is named after the first mayor of Sacramento, Hardin Bigelow. With our brand and crest, we remember to think outside the box and utilize our land to its fullest potential and its highest and best use, earning massive investor dividends.

A talented and creative structural engineer, Hardin Bigelow saved our great city from a series of potentially devastating floods before he was elected Mayor in 1850.

Hardin Realty & Property Management is a Sacramento born brand, diligently crafted and earned through combined decades of real estate and property management experience. Every project we undertake comes with purpose and mutual obligations. We don't lie nor cheat, and we don't take short cuts; this is the Hardin way.


To set higher industry standards in property management and real estate brokerage, and to develop new housing units wherever possible.


  • Exceptional Service - Our Clients and our Tenants know that we truly care about their experience.

  • Follow-through - If you make a promise, you make good on it promptly.

  • Integrity - Our fundamental ethical principle is "Above all, do no harm."

  • Continual Progress - We never stop improving our processes.

  • Take Initiative - Our team members do not need to be micromanaged.

  • Results Matter - We constantly review our performance metrics in order to identify improvement opportunities.

Q: Why Did We Name Our Brokerage "Hardin" Realty?

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