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Q: I'm a New Real Estate Investor. Where Do I Begin?

Call us! We have worked with property owners new and seasoned to rapidly grow their portfolios while maintaining control over their asset management. At Hardin Realty & Property Management, we know the sky's the limit when it comes to your investments.

Ask us about our flexible rental models which allow our clients and investors to reap massive revenue streams and reinvest into greater projects. Our sister company,, offers short-term rental and vacacation rental services in California, Arizona, Tenessee, Utah, and Florida!

At Hardin Realty & Property Management, we specialize in multifamily investment real estate in Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas. Our clients purchase and restore single family and multifamily assets, and we manage each property to the highest income potential, while ensuring compliance with stringent City, County, State, and Federal property management guidelines.

Here at company headquarters, we are investors and technology enthusiasts, constantly improving our processes and optimizing the owner and tenant experience for each one of our properties. We utilize automated workflows to improve efficiency and avoid mistakes, but this also reduces costs, and we are happy to pass those savings onto our clients.

Q: I'm a New Real Estate Investor. Where Do I Begin?

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